Sunday, October 12, 2014


Words that make me want to lash out at the speaker. It's the phrase, "Eighty years young." or "One Hundred Years Young," referring to an ancient old lady (usually a woman, men don't make it to ninety and one  hundred as a rule)

"Mother smile. We'll take a picture while you cut the  birthday cake." The dear old soul can't hold the knife and may not know what the hell is going on . She won't have enough breath to blow out the candles.

I am very old, soon to be ninety-two As long as I have my wits don't set me up as if I've lost them. I can count to one hundred backwards. I read books! I sing when no one can hear me. I send e-mails to my family. And they reply!

I am blessed with good health but I don't take it for granted. I treat my body with respect and look after it as best I can. The thing is, time is running out! I don't have a future except from day to day. Can't make long range plans for there is no "long range."

However, I am writing a Lady Mary Mystery. I don't have a hope in hell of getting it published and that is just fine. I don't need the hassle of receiving rejections. I had enough of them before my romance novels were published.

So I am OLD. I don't pretend to be anything but OLD. I am blessed with a good memory and have wonderful memories that make me smile.

Enjoy the day. Smile. Hug a tree or give it a passing pat.


Saturday, October 4, 2014


How did it get to be October 4th? The last cruise ship stops in Victoria on Monday morning. It seems like yesterday the first cruise ships arrived in April. Winter is just around the corner, sort of. We've had a fabulous fall, lots of warm sunny weather and no rain.Thanksgiving is next week-end. I have a lot to be thankful for, have you?

I've had a difficult day trying to put together a special hearing device . I wasn't trying.I was doing it! I had to understand  the instructions and do exactly as they said.

I think there's a change in the weather and that's why I feel lethargic. Also I want to record a program on  television and have never done that before.My brain is tired and beginning to feel out of sorts.

Question. Why am I keeping this blog? I already write in a diary so why duplicate the effort? No one reads this but - I think it does help sell my romance novels and my mystery e-book.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014


No blogging for days and days and days. The problem is time. It keeps running on too fast and I'm falling behind. "Stop The World I Want to Get Off."

Where would I go? This earth I live on is all I know. It's how fast time flies by. It's something to do with aging, to getting old, to getting TOO OLD. There's nowhere to hide from time. I remember being a teenager and being bored! This was long before the Internet and all the gadgets used to FILL IN TIME.

I read about a teenaged girl who kept her phone on her pillow when she went to bed in case some one sent a text, we're talking about girlfriends texting each other. What do they have to say that can't wait?

I love the look of young people, their bright faces, shiny hair and smiles. Young people who live in Canada are blessed to live here with so many opportunities, so many places to visit and who would not want to paddle a canoe on a lake and hear loons calling.

I count my blessings and I am OLD. Takes all kinds.

In the meantime I am not doing much writing, not sure why. Maybe I don't like the main character or the small village where she lives - But, there's been a murder on a canal boat. A canal runs past Lady Mary's back garden, The towpath remains and is used by walkers and hikers. Lady Mary does not investigate murders. My story is a cozy English mystery.Why have I brought murder into my story?
In the meantime, do continue buying my five romance novels and my e-published The Ghost Writer Mystery.Sad to say there are many books out there with similar names. Sigh

Take it easy. Do some stretches. Smile a lot.


Monday, September 8, 2014


One thing leads to another when I start writing a story. My present book, starring Lady Mary, a smart amateur sleuth, was supposed to be a gentle, cozy English mystery set in a quiet village where nothing much ever happened.  Something has!

In the meantime, life is good. I've just finished reading, Operation Mincemeat by Ben Macintyre (hells bells I can't spell  his last name correctly.) He wrote "A Spy among Friends." Operation Mincemeat is a page turner and a true story.

Ewen Montague had written, "The Man Who Never Was." Montague had a major role in planning part of the great deception diverting the Germans away from Sicily. His book, "The Man Who Never Was," is still in print." I read it years ago.

Operation Mincemeat is a detailed description of everyone involved in the great deception. Spies everywhere. For the deception to work required careful planning down to the last detail but even then something could go wrong. I stayed up late turning pages.

If you are buying my books I will be happy. They are pure invention. Reading fiction is good for your brain. Did you know that? So buy my books and read them. I'm a small fish in an ocean sized publishing world but I'm still swimming and enjoying the game.

Must go and cut up strawberries for breakfast. We are enjoying fabulous summer weather and late bearing strawberries keep on coming. Also lots and lots of blueberries. We are blessed.

Enjoy whatever you're doing. Smile as often as you can. Say hello to a stranger.


Friday, August 29, 2014


Yesterday I blogged about Depression. Nobody out there in cyber land is depressed! Nobody commented. So let's get on to cheerful things.

The book I'm writing now takes place in an English village with a modern but rather eccentric main character. She's been asked to investigate a series of minor crimes all located in the same neighbourhood. Because there's gypsy camp  on a nearby common the gypsies are getting the blame.

Lady Mary works with the local constable who has better things to do than worry about a stolen pair of Wellies and other items not worth stealing. That's all I'm saying.

I do hope you are purchasing my newly published e-book, The Ghost Writer Mystery by me, Anita Birt.

Also my five romance novels are picking up new readers. I am thrilled about that. Purchase RING AROUND THE MOON , a time travel. He comes from the past to the present time. How he and my heroine came together makes for rather sexy reading. Read on.

TOO YOUNG TO DIE. A page turning mystery guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat as my heroine caring for a three month old baby escapes in the dark of night into a forest where anything can happen. Read on.

A VERY DIFFICULT MAN - My heroine is hired by the mother of a battle scared duke to read to him, to encourage him to take part in the affairs of his estate. He tries to get rid of the companion foisted on him by his mother and uncle. Read on.

ISABELLE'S DIARY - a contemporary romance with a ghostly encounter and a search for answers. Twists and turns on every page. Read on.

ISABELLE'S STORY - A historical romance. The story of Isabelle who penned the diary in the late 18th century. How did it find its way to the present time? Read on.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I am sort of at my wits end. Should I drop this Blog or not? Whatever topic I introduce falls on deaf ears or blind eyes.

ARE YOU DEPRESSED?  Try this simple physical exeercise. Are you wearing comfortable shoes or in bare feet? Clear some space so you can move around.

Next. SMILE . It won't hurt a bit and is good exercise for your face.

Your are SMILING (as best you can) Give your arms a good shake as if you're shaking rain drops off the tips of your fingers.

Next. Raise your arms as high as you can. Let them drop for a few seconds. Raise them up high again and start walking slowly around your room. Remember to SMILE as you walk. When you tire drop your arms and give them a good shake. Simple, is it not?

In a nut shell. SMILE.


Relax and hang around doing nothing. Think about what you are achieving. BY PHYSICALLY RAISING YOUR BODY YOU ARE RAISING YOUR SPIRITS.

Body and soul in harmony.

Do the SMILE and ARMS RAISING exercise three times a day or more. You will feel better.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I speak out but no one listens or replies. Is anyone out there thinking about issues that shock, surprise, horrify?

The police killings in Ferguson? The unarmed black man was shot SIX times. I think the police officer should be charged with murder. One shot would have solved the problem. Why shoot in the first place? Having a gun handy is an invitation to shoot.

Another young aboriginal girl has been murdered and her body dumped in a Manitoba river. Big fuss about the number of aboriginal girls and women gone missing or murdered. What to do with women and girls who put themselves in harm's way?

Change of topic.  A dream wakened me yesterday morning. I saw the pretty cover of a paper back book. The cover had trees and flowers in pinks and blues. Although I didn't read the name of the book on the cover I knew what it was: HOW TO DO HAPPY THINGS.

Good title for a book except all kinds of things have been written on the subject. Google it and find out. I wonder why it came to me in a dream.