Sunday, July 19, 2015

Anita Birt - blogging for fun?

I wish I had a social media presence pointing at the bad people in the world and what to do without them. I'm afraid, that's why. A bad person may come after me and I'm too old to fight back. Imagine knocking off an old lady. Would anyone care? Would you?

How about the old people, of which there are many, does anyone care about them.? Where do they live? What if they require medical assistance and can't afford it? Lucky us in Canada where most of our medical requiirments are covered. We pay taxes to cover the cosr. For instance, I was in the hospital for seven days last Feburary and the costs were all covered. It must be awful in the States to have huge medical bills. How do you manage? I remember sailing to Seattle on the Coho and speaking with a family who were in dire straights who feared they'd have to mortgage their home to pay the bills.

Let's turn to a more cheerful subject. Out for my walk by the sea this morning I saw a heron fishing. They stand so still on their long thin legs waiting for a fish to swim by.  A hard way to get a meal to fill such a large creature.

Lady Mary and The murder in the Canal  Boat is coming long. It's not a long book. I'm aiming for 50,000 words. I have no real hoipe of finding a publisher unless trhe publisher has a soft spot for an old, old writer who refuses to lie down and die.

One a writer always a writer. It's an addiction.  I'm always coming up with new ideas for stories but I haven't the energy to get down to writing them.

I hope you are all reading Richard Flanagan's books. He won the Man Booker Prize for "The Narrow Road to the Deep North." I've read all his published novels and am in awe. He gets into the hearts of the characters in his novels. The last one, "Death of a River Guide," took me to places on the Franklin River in Tasmania that had me almost afraid to turn the pages. Amazing description of the work of a River Guide.

And that is it for now. Comment about anything!

Anita Birt

Friday, June 26, 2015

Anita Birt - blogging is not working for me. No catchy title. No social media. I am an outcast.

I am an outcast hanging out waiting to be saved for something better than this; such as offering brilliant thoughts  to bring in brilliant responses. Not going to happen. I am an elderly woman having lived a long and interesting life. I've lived in five different countries. I've had five romance novels published to great acclaim. I sailed across the Atlantic in a 79 ship convoy  during the war. Our convoy was attacked by a German submarine. Two ships sunk with a great loss of life. But the submarine was tracked down and sunk two months later. More lives lost.

I am writing a mystery. Lady Mary and Murder in the Canal Boat. Mary accidenatally discovers a body in a rented canal boat - the body much decayed. Not pleasant.

There's a wonderful dog in the story who becomes Mary's companion. Her name is Kim. She is a border collie. Smart and protective of Mary. Don't mess with a border collie they are clever animals. I knew a dog when I lived in Wales, She wasn't border collie but did take delight in rounding up the chickens out in the field.

Do keep purchasing my romance novels. They are real page turners. Try TOO YOUNG TO DIE and find out! Imagine having a three month baby  in your arms and escaping into a dark forest with four nasty thugs looking for you. Gives me the shivers thinking about. Here is the list of my romance novels.

A VERY DIFFICULT MAN (historical) ISABELLE'S DIARY (contemporary) ISABELLE'S STORY (historical) RING AROUND THE MOON (contemporary but with a time travel twist) TOO YOUNG TO DIE (contemporary, murder mystery)

THE GHOST WRITER MYSTERY (e-published. costs pennies to buy)

I'm away to think about Lady Mary. My book is almost finished. How to end it?

Anita Birt

Comments are welcome.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Blogging for fun - Anita Birt

I should be writing a few lines of my Lady Mary Mystery. The Canal Boat Murder, but I am digressing for a few minutes.

Summer is creeping its way on to Vancouver Island. I walked to James Bay this morning and it was hot! First I took off my scarf. Then I took off my jacket. That's where I stopped.

I'm reading The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. It's a real page turner. I make myself stop reading when it's time to go to bed. I like having to look forward to the next day.

I do not read fiction during the day! Don't ask. It's a family thing. My niece, Elspeth, allows herself to read fiction after 4.00 pm. Friends laugh at me! I'll read non-fiction during the day but not often. Has anyone else such a rule. I have no idea where it comes from up.

I'm thinking my Scottish grandmother might have encouraged serious business during the day and keep enjoyment until later.

Buy my books and keep me smiling during the summer, fall winter and spring. A VERY DIFFICULT MAN.

A VERY DIFFICULT MAN is a historical romance. takes place in England, 1856.


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blogging - Anita Birt

I wrote a blog yesterday about all sorts of interesting things and accidentally deleted the whole damn thing. How did I do that?

My granddaughter is visiting from Toronto. She works for the television program, The Property Brothers. She enjoys her work and is glad of a rest out here in God's country. The weather is co-operating, sun is shining and the sky is blue. We walked part of the break water at Ogden Point and watched an otter swimming. No octopus this time.

About writing. My e-book, The Ghost Writer Mystery by Anita Birt is lagging in sales. It's costs pennies to buy and download on your e-reader or other device. So make my day and buy a copy. It's a good read with all kinds of twists and turns. One of the central characters is a GHOST. Enjoy my book.

My Lady Mary Mystery and The Canal Boat Murder is coming along. It's not going to be a long, long book. Although stories have characters elbowing into a story and demand attention. that's part of the fun of writing, something turns up to make the author's life interesting.


Sunday, April 5, 2015

ANITA BIRT - Blogging about my heart!

Is anyone out there blogging anout the miracle of having a human body? I got thinking about my heart. It began beating inside my mother's womb and conintued beating after I was born. This same heart continues beating ninety-two years later.

My body is a functioning miracle. I breathe. My body has ways and means to clean itelf. Nothing stays inside very long once its usefulness is done. Then the process starts over again when I've eaten  and drunk.Whatever is useful is used the rest is excreted. This happens day after day. I don't have to give it a thought.

 I have the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and tongue I started with all those long years ago. My feet are basically the feet I started with, grown big to suit my growing up. Same with legs, arms, toes and fingers.

Think about it. Think about the miracle of your body. Take care of it and it will take care of you. Yes, illnesses  come to test our body's ability to take care of itself. Modern medicine lends a helping hand  That in itself is a miracle. I know from my hospital stay my body needed help, especially my right knee and the pseudo gout playing merry hell with it.

Any comments. How often do you think about  your heart? How long have you had it? Are you taking care of it? WHAT ABOUT YOUR BRAIN? It's the big controller, silently keeping track of this and that. Can't live without it.

Anita Birt, Romance and Mysterry author.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Blogging about Books - Anita Birt

I did not spell Neil Gaiman's name incorrectly in my last blo. I spelled it "Gaman." Wrong, it should be Gaiman. Do rush  out and buy  "The Grave Yard," book it is a great read for old and young.

And I am very old! Ninety-two years old and I really enjoy Gaiman's books. Reading is such a wonderful pastime, I learn a lot  and lost myself in a well told story.  I am reading slowly, "From The Beast To The Blonde," by Marina Warner. The first story tellers were woman getting about their regular tasks, doing the laundery by the river, chatting with other women while spinning, attending a birthing. Women were out from under their husband's eyes and learned a lot from each other about life, sex, giving birth, illnesses and how to deal with an abusive husband.

Spinning tales, gave us "Cinderella," "Bluebeard."  "Red Riding Hood," "Mother Goose stories."

However, I want to blog about getting old, what it feels likes, how to cope with an aging body and brain, grieving the loss of a loved one. I speng a week in the hospital in February. In my entire life I had never been a hospital patient. Iwent in with a high temperature. Bless the doctor who examined me in the Emergency
Department. "I'm not ending a ninety-two year old woman home without a thorough diagnosis."

That's how I became a patient in the Royal Victoria Hospital. Before this shocking event in my life I walked five or six days a week. I had strong legs now I couldn't stand. I wobbled. Time cures most ailments and I soon staggered around using a walker. Recovering is slow, I'm not the woman I used to be. I listern to my body and walk until I tire and turn back. I am blessed with a loving family. More about getting old on my next blog!

Anita Birt

Sunday, March 22, 2015


BECOMING RICH AND FAMOUS. Is there a secret to crack the code? Write a best seller. (I'm not talented enough) Go over Niagara Falls in a barrel and survive. (too scared) Save a child from drowning (I could do that but I'd rather not see a child in big trouble.)

Give it up and be a very ordinary person, with a loving family and a  very minor writing talent. Being a hosptial patient for the first time in my long life tempts me to write about the experience. But during some of the experience I was out like a light. I'm not sure I have completely recovered. My memory isn't as sharp as it was before my hospital visit. I tire more quickly.

Stop complaining. You're alive.

Do your read Neil Gaman's books, if not I urge you to try, They are fantasy meant for young people but I love them for the brilliant stories and wonderul writing. Go out and buy, or order it from, The Grave Yard Book. Start with it and read others. But of all the Neil Gaman books I've read, I love The Grave Yard Book best of all.

Keep reading what  you enjoy.. Romance, expecially my romance novels, are well written with great stories. Check my web site and buy one or two or three.

Anita Birt