Saturday, March 28, 2015

Blogging about Books - Anita Birt

I did not spell Neil Gaiman's name incorrectly in my last blo. I spelled it "Gaman." Wrong, it should be Gaiman. Do rush  out and buy  "The Grave Yard," book it is a great read for old and young.

And I am very old! Ninety-two years old and I really enjoy Gaiman's books. Reading is such a wonderful pastime, I learn a lot  and lost myself in a well told story.  I am reading slowly, "From The Beast To The Blonde," by Marina Warner. The first story tellers were woman getting about their regular tasks, doing the laundery by the river, chatting with other women while spinning, attending a birthing. Women were out from under their husband's eyes and learned a lot from each other about life, sex, giving birth, illnesses and how to deal with an abusive husband.

Spinning tales, gave us "Cinderella," "Bluebeard."  "Red Riding Hood," "Mother Goose stories."

However, I want to blog about getting old, what it feels likes, how to cope with an aging body and brain, grieving the loss of a loved one. I speng a week in the hospital in February. In my entire life I had never been a hospital patient. Iwent in with a high temperature. Bless the doctor who examined me in the Emergency
Department. "I'm not ending a ninety-two year old woman home without a thorough diagnosis."

That's how I became a patient in the Royal Victoria Hospital. Before this shocking event in my life I walked five or six days a week. I had strong legs now I couldn't stand. I wobbled. Time cures most ailments and I soon staggered around using a walker. Recovering is slow, I'm not the woman I used to be. I listern to my body and walk until I tire and turn back. I am blessed with a loving family. More about getting old on my next blog!

Anita Birt

Sunday, March 22, 2015


BECOMING RICH AND FAMOUS. Is there a secret to crack the code? Write a best seller. (I'm not talented enough) Go over Niagara Falls in a barrel and survive. (too scared) Save a child from drowning (I could do that but I'd rather not see a child in big trouble.)

Give it up and be a very ordinary person, with a loving family and a  very minor writing talent. Being a hosptial patient for the first time in my long life tempts me to write about the experience. But during some of the experience I was out like a light. I'm not sure I have completely recovered. My memory isn't as sharp as it was before my hospital visit. I tire more quickly.

Stop complaining. You're alive.

Do your read Neil Gaman's books, if not I urge you to try, They are fantasy meant for young people but I love them for the brilliant stories and wonderul writing. Go out and buy, or order it from, The Grave Yard Book. Start with it and read others. But of all the Neil Gaman books I've read, I love The Grave Yard Book best of all.

Keep reading what  you enjoy.. Romance, expecially my romance novels, are well written with great stories. Check my web site and buy one or two or three.

Anita Birt

Thursday, March 19, 2015


I set up this Brilliant idea, Blogging about Books, on Febrtuary 14 or close to that date. But fate stepped in. I
I was knocked sideways. Sent to the hospital with a raging fever. "I'm not sending a ninety two year old woman home without a diagnosis." So said the doctor who examinded me in the  Emergncy on February 22.

Stayed in hospital for seven days, came home to recover. It's taking awhile to get back my energy.

About books.  I recommend. "PEOPLE OF THE BOOK," by Geraldine Brooks. She touches lives in different time periods. Six centuries of Jewish and world experience as the Sarajevo Haggadah, is rescued from certain detruction by Jews, Muslims and Christians. I  promise you a wonderful read.

Which reminds me. I hope  ou are buying my romance novels. They are never out of date.

 A VERY DIFFICULT MAN.  ISABELLE'S DIARY.  ISABELLE'S STORY.  RING AROUND THE MOON (an unforgettable time travel)  TOO YOUNG  TO DIE. (imagine being stalked by armed thugs as you escape in the dead of night into a deep forest with a three month old baby in your arms!) Breath taking.

May you enjoy reading every day.


Saturday, February 14, 2015


This is Valentine's Day and here is a wonderful opportunity to heal the heart of a darling little boy.

The baby,  Grant Weaver and his mother fell into a fast flowing, freezing cold river on Vancouver Island on January 30. Passersby got the baby out of the water in 25 minutes. He was rushed to hospital where he is making a slow recovery from the ordeal. His mother died. His father remains at the baby's side, night and day.

When I saw the baby's picture in the Times Colonist newspaper, a beautiful baby with his eyes closed and narrow tubes up his nose and down his throat my eyes filled with tears. A fund raising campaign has started. I have contributed. Can you help out, it's easy.

Go to

Grant is making progress. Isn't that wonderful? Please help out if you can. Help mend his heart.

This is VALENTINE'S DAY with hearts and flowers and chocolates galore.

Onward to my writing. I'm enjoy writing my Lady Mary mystery. Little gems of ideas pop into my head so I have to backtrack to where they'll fit in. Writing is fun, especially when it's going well, not to much fun when I'm blocked. Doesn't happy often. Mostly when I'm tired and need a break. A fast walk by the sea, breathing wonderful fresh air revives my spirits.

When I say,"fast walk," I mean "fast" for me. I take account of my age and let nature do the rest. I can stop and look for humming birds, the ones that winter here.

The daffodils are in full bloom as are the flowering trees lining many of the streets in Victoria. Absolutely gorgeous.

I'll download the first page of another of my books, either Isabelle's Diary or A Very Difficult Man.

Anita Birt

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Blogging about books - Anita Birt

I received books for my birthday, February 2, and have to find room for them in one of my book cases, a daunting task. Stuck in the back I found a book I borrowed from my Welsh nephew. "Song of the Earth," by Alexander Cordell. Never open an old book and start reading. I am hooked again on the book. I am also reading "Good Morning. Midnight by Reginald Hill. and The New Yorker arrived this morning. And I have the new books to read.

I'm feeling a bit over whelmed. Do you ever get t he feeling there are not enough hours in the day? I made a New Year's Resolution to write a minimum of 500 words a day. As soon as I finish this blog I shall write my 500 words to My Lady Mary Mystery, "Murder on the Canal Boat."

I also have flowers sent for my birthday, some are growing in their pots and need my attention. I am distracted.

Did anyone rush out and buy, "Too Young to Die," after I posted the first paragraph. Or did you purchase, "Ring Around The Moon," when you were hooked on the first paragraph? I'll know when my royalty cheques arrive in the mail. Both books are page turners.

I am away to write my 500 words.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Blogging my books - Anita Birt

My romance novel, RING AROUND THE MOON. First page

Beth glanced at the clock on the dash as she pulled into the parking space beside Quest Cottage. Midnight.

The drive from Heathrow airport had been hell on wheels. Bumper to bumper traffic on the motorway had delayed her planned arrival  in Cornwall. Achingly tired, she cut the engine, rolled her shoulders to get rid of the crick in her neck and got out of the car.

Bathed in the silvery glow of a full moon, the thatched cottage was fairy-tale beautiful with a trellised front porch laden with summer roses. Faint traces of their scent lingered on the still night air. Flower filled window boxes trailed blooms from the ledges of two windows set deep in the whitewashed walls. Behind he curtains, welcoming light gleamed.

Cool. She wouldn't have to poke around in darkened rooms feeling for switches. She'd make tea and have something to eat before getting her suitcases from the car. The estate agent handling the rental had promised to stock the cottage with food and Beth's longing for a thirst-quenching cup of tea had passed the point of no return.

Patting her stomach she whispered to her baby. "I've got to remember I'm eating for two and I'm starving." Her whispered words drifted into a silence so intense she could hear herself breathe.

Life had stirred for the first time on the flight from the States and Beth hoped the little one didn't feel as jet-lagged, lightheaded and hungry as she did.

Filled with mellow thoughts of thatched cottages the promise of restful days ahead she lifted the latch on the gate.
Rusty hinges squeaked as she pushed through. Key in hand she hurried up the flagstone path to the door.

"Elizabeth is it really you?" A man's questioning voice shattered the silent night.

Buy my book and read my time travel romance. RING AROUND THE MOON. It's a page turner.

Monday, January 5, 2015


TOO YOUNG TO DIE - A mystery/murder/romance all in one book. Here's how the book starts:

"Keep singin' lady." The armed man sitting across from Ellie in the nursery casually pointed his assault rifle at her.

Ellie cuddled the whimpering baby and tried unsuccessfully, to stay cool and remember the words of the old nursery rhyme. "Rock-a-bye baby, on the..." Her voice cracked on the first line.


"Can't sing. Can't breathe. Throat's too dry. Can I get a drink of water from the bathroom?"

He shambled to his feet. "Don't move. I don't hurt ladies and babies."

"Then what the hell are  you doing here?" Ellie shifted Nicki from one arm to the other and gulped air into her oxygen-deprived lungs.

"Don't give me that crap. You're up to  your neck in this, same as the rest." He slung the weapon under his arm. "Sing to the kid while I get you a drink."

"I can't."

"Do it. Keep the kid quiet." He lowered his brows. His eyes sank into the folds of scar tissue. "Sing about the mocking bird, you sang it before."

Ellie cleared her tense throat. "Hush little baby, don't  you cry...that one?"

He nodded and propped his beefy shoulder against the door. "My old lady used to sing it to my little sister."

The gorilla had a human mother. Hard to believe he hadn't come fully formed from the lab of a mad scientist.

That's the first page of TOO YOUNG TO DIE  Buy my book. Ellie has to save the baby. But how?